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SciPubTechEdu: How does technology influence our learning?


Thursday, 4 October, 2018


Jill Downing, Program Director of the Bachelor of Education (Applied Learning) and the Bachelor of Adult and Applied Learning Faculty of Education; “Learners, learning, and technology”

David Pretorius, Chief Executive Officer of Eaglecreast Technologies: “How does virtual reality fit in Education?”

John Kertesz, Lecturer in Applied Learning, School of Education: “Enough of the big words already!! What’s the evidence you can actually do it??”

Science at NASA


*** Special event for national science week featuring NASA scientists !***


Dr Jonathan Fraine – Staff Research Scientist at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), science operations center for the Hubble Space Telescope

Dr Andrew Rushby is a NASA Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA Ames Research Center

Jake Clark – PhD candidate & Science Communicator, University of Southern Queensland

Women of Science: stories of experimentation, frustration and creation

Part of the BeakerStreat@TMAG pop-up science bar

Central Gallery, Tasmanian Museum and Art GalleryDunn Place, Hobart, TAS, 7000


Dr Brigid Heywood, Deputy Vice Chancellor (research) leading UTAS pilot of the Athena Swan initiative

Dr Anu Verma, former researcher, now senior science teacher at Fahan School

Dr Angela Crean, animal reproduction specialist and current L’Oreal Women in Science fellow

Dr Rosalie Woodruff , Epidemiologist turned Greens politician

Dr Lila Landowski, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow, UTASDr Gwen Fenton, first female Chief Scientist of the Australian Antarctic Division

Five fantastic females and their science success stories

Part of the Festival of Bright Ideas (Princes Wharf 1)


Dr Lavenia Ratnarajah, marine biogeochemist, former “SciPubPoo” panelist, current postdoctoral researcher at IMAS, UTAS

Prof Dianne Nicol, Cell biologist-law academic and director of the Centre for Law and Genetics, UTAS

A/Prof Lisa Foa, Neuroscientist, Associate Head of Research, School of Medicine, UTAS

Dr Helen Fitton, Chief Scientist, Marinova biotechnology company

A/Prof Sharon Fraser, Former scientist, now science educator

SciPub Brewery Tour and BBQ at Two metre Tall Brewery


Two metre Tall Brewery

A sciencey tour of the brewery (with explanation of their brewing process) followed by beer tasting, first full drink free and a BBQ lunch of hamburgers and sausages made from their sustainably farmed “beer-fed beef” (veggie options will also be available). As a safe, economical, environmental and friendly option, we will have round-trip bus tickets available to get folks to-and-from the brewer!

Cost: $10 for just the tour, drink & lunch OR $25 for the bus to and from the brewery plus the tour, drink & lunch!

You don’t have to be a SciPub regular to attend either of these events! First-timers and friends are welcome so if you have been looking for a reason to come to a SciPub event, join us for one of these friendly (and slightly nerdy) events!

SciPub Social

SciPub Social

Please note that this event is on Thursday Just like a normal SciPub but without the presentations. We will provide free hot nibbles and you buy your own drinks. We will be inviting all of our former panellists as well!

SciPub Debate: The Future of Humanity

This special event at the Granada Tavern to kick off National Science Week.



John Dickey, Head of School, Mathematics and Physics, UTAS

David Bowman, Professor, School of Biological Sciences, UTAS

Roberta Julian, Associate Professor, Sociology Director, Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies (TILES), UTAS

Rosalie Woodruff, PhD, Member of the Tasmanian House of Assembly for Franklin

Gretta Pecl, ARC Research Fellow & Deputy Associate Dean of Research, UTAS