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SciPub Breath

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of breathing! Who knew there was so much involved, and how many ways there are to do it?

Please join Prof Graeme Zosky, Dr Glen Bain and Shasta Henry for an inspiring and entertaining journey into the ways that humans, birds and insects breathe.

For more details about our panellists, follow the links below:

Professor Graeme Zosky, Professor in Physiology, School of Medicine, UTAS

Dr Glen Bain, Bird Ecologist, School of Natural Sciences, UTAS

Shasta Henry, Entomologist (insect genius!), School of Natural Sciences, UTAS

Watch the livestream of this event at out Facebook page

How maths informs ecology and evolution – #SciPubMaths

4 February 2021

This event will be held *in person* as well as live-streamed for folks to view from home. The in-person event will ahdere to strict social distancing and hygiene restrictions at the Black Buffalo. If you are feeling sick or part of a high-risk population for COVID, we ask that you participate from home via the live stream.


Michael Charleston, Associate Professor in Bioinformatics, UTAS

Nick Fountain-Jones, Disease Ecologist, UTAS

Barbara Holland , Professor in Mathmatics, UTAS

son attendance)

Beauty from the Ashes

Thursday, 20 August 2020 – Online event


A special National Science Week event featuring short film and panel discussion, bringing together scientific and artistic perspectives on fire-affected Tasmanian landscapes.

6-7:30 pm


Prof David Bowman, Professor of Pyrogeographpy, University of Tasmania

Rowena Hamer, Conservation Scientist, Tasmanian Land Conservancy

Megan Walch, Tasmanian Artist

2nd Annual Science in the Park – CANCELLED

We are cancelling our 2nd annual Science in the Park events due to Coronavirus concerns. We plan to bring you this event again next year.

Time: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Location: Music Bowl in Tolosa Park

Hands-on activities include guided hikes, solar printing, DNA extraction, crystal chemistry, experimentation of ocean and climate, science of the brain and body and much more.

This event is a great opportunity to share the fun SciPub style with the family! So come and learn and play in the park.

SciPub’s Inspiring Women in STEM winners

Thursday, 5 March 2019

SciPub’s Inspiring Women in STEM winners


Mercy Ndalila (Kenya) – PhD candidate in pyrogeography (School of Natural Sciences, UTas)

Stephy Libera (India) – PhD candidate in Oceanography (IMAS, UTas)

Gabriela Paniagua Cabarrus (Guatemala) – PhD candidate in Chemistry (School of Natural Sciences, UTas)

Abigail Smith (Fiji) – PhD student in Marine Science (IMAS, UTas)

SciPub Social

SciPub Social

Please note that this event is on Thursday Just like a normal SciPub but without the presentations. We will provide free hot nibbles and you buy your own drinks. We will be inviting all of our former panellists as well!