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Women of Science: stories of experimentation, frustration and creation

Part of the BeakerStreat@TMAG pop-up science bar

Central Gallery, Tasmanian Museum and Art GalleryDunn Place, Hobart, TAS, 7000


Dr Brigid Heywood, Deputy Vice Chancellor (research) leading UTAS pilot of the Athena Swan initiative

Dr Anu Verma, former researcher, now senior science teacher at Fahan School

Dr Angela Crean, animal reproduction specialist and current L’Oreal Women in Science fellow

Dr Rosalie Woodruff , Epidemiologist turned Greens politician

Dr Lila Landowski, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow, UTASDr Gwen Fenton, first female Chief Scientist of the Australian Antarctic Division

Five fantastic females and their science success stories

Part of the Festival of Bright Ideas (Princes Wharf 1)


Dr Lavenia Ratnarajah, marine biogeochemist, former “SciPubPoo” panelist, current postdoctoral researcher at IMAS, UTAS

Prof Dianne Nicol, Cell biologist-law academic and director of the Centre for Law and Genetics, UTAS

A/Prof Lisa Foa, Neuroscientist, Associate Head of Research, School of Medicine, UTAS

Dr Helen Fitton, Chief Scientist, Marinova biotechnology company

A/Prof Sharon Fraser, Former scientist, now science educator