1. You must talk about SciPub. This monthly event will be sustained by attendees telling their friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers about Science in the Pub. If you enjoy SciPub, then tell someone about it.
  2. This should be an informal, fun event. If you need to re-fill your drink, go to the toilet, or need to leave before the discussion is over, by all means go whenever you need to.
  3. One primary discussion at a time. Feel free to discuss topics and questions with your neighbour at any time, but keep the volume at a low level so that everyone else can remain engaged in the primary discussion.
  4. Discusions will go on as long as they have to. The moderator and panellists are responsible for keeping the discussion moving forward and on topic, but the moderator will not interfere as long as the discussions are productive and evidence-based.
  5. If someone has the floor, please allow them to finish and do not try to talk over them. Just because you are talking the loudest doesn’t mean that your argument is the strongest.
  6. The most important rule of SciPub is that discussions must be evidence-based. The goal of SciPub is for everyone to have an enjoyable night and improve our ability to evaluate science-based evidence. As part of the open discussion we welcome the opinions of everyone, but keep in mind that opinions and pseudoscience will be treated as such, and that scientific evidence carries more weight.